10 inventions we need in the future

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1) Computer DNA

The DNA of each human being can store too much genetic information, since a milligram of DNA can store any information that has occurred all the time. Imagine if a computer with this technology was invented in storage.

2) Colonization of the moon

The world is still waiting for the genius who will be able to invent rooms and buildings that can be created in outer space. If so, it is easy to access and colonize the moon, because life on Earth has become very crowded, a project where NASA has not yet succeeded.

3) Head transplantation

Some may think that doing such operations is a bad form of medicine, but if we think a bit about the head transplant, we will find that it has benefits if it succeeds in the future, as if a person can get rid of his body with a type of disease that has not yet moved to his head.

4) Clean energy

As you read this list, the earth’s stock of fuel may end up. Some studies say that the earth’s oil reserves will be over in 55 years, so humans need to invent a new energy source and be environmentally friendly.

5) Cure for cancer

There is no radical cure for cancer that kills 7 million people a year in the world, prompting scientists to seek as quickly as possible a cure for the disease.

6) Travel to Mars

After the man was able to walk on the moon, the idea was to travel to Mars to travel on its surface also, which scientists are now working on to travel to Mars and discover the possibility of living on it or not.

7) Space elevator

This elevator will not be inside an apartment building, but it will connect between the earth and the moon or any spaceship in outer space. Such an invention, if constructed, would make humans able to travel to outer space very easily.

8) Theory of everything

Scientists around the world know that anything that happens around us must have a specific cause, but what scientists find difficult is to find out what causes what is happening in the world. If scientists know the theory behind everything, All they want.

9) Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can change the course of history for drug science, and if successfully completed, doctors will be able to kill all cancer cells in the body.

10) Access to the Earth Center

In the past, most people believed that access to the center of the earth was easy, a misconception, because the pressure in that area was so great that no human could afford it. If anyone could get there, they would certainly discover new sources of energy.