What is the water diet

Sometimes known as the Cold Water Parliament , is one of the most modern styles that appeal to  those who want to melt fat. In comparison to   the diet system, which reduces calories , the water diet does not limit the consumption of food. It does not require exercise. Dieter in the water diet emphasizes that with the water diet, you can eat matrade and also lose weight.
You may find many sites and forums talking about water diet, but all Internet resources followed a diet published in a 1997 research by a research institute in Durham, but now it is more accurate and more experienced than ever about water diet.

How Water Diet Works

Research shows that many people who followed the water diet, which is the cold water intake, which leads to a cycle to increase the body’s ability to burn excess calories by heating the water and then heating the body to start burning fat, the idea that when drinking cold water the body will automatically Decreasing calories more than the body and therefore   Dieter is advised to take   water very cold. You can drink water before meals, which gives a sense of fullness and then actually reduces the amount of food you eat, as well as drinking water improves the functioning of the kidneys and rid toxins from the body.

What is the amount of water to be taken in the water diet

Dieter also said that you need cold water for at least eight glasses a day throughout the day, with or without meals as you wish, in addition to the usual amount of sugar -free liquids throughout the day, and as you wish water can be tap water, or Bottled water or any other type of safe drinking water. The more water you drink, the better the 8 cups a day, the better your diet and the more calories you lose.

What are the pros and cons of water diet

The advantages of the diet are that the water is free – anyone who has access to drinking water so you can easily lose weight without having to go to a diet doctor at a high cost or follow a diet with high priced foods. The disadvantages of this system are that you will go to the toilet But many experts support the idea of ​​drinking water before starting a meal and it helps to reduce calories and also the sages of cycles of water constantly to rid the body of toxins.

What is the effectiveness of water diet

In fact, no scientific research has been conducted on the effectiveness of this system, but there were those who experimented in 2008 this system and the result was a loss of  50 pounds in one year , and another person lost 10 pounds per month . This loss was without a specific diet !! Just drink a glass of water before you start eating and in the middle of the meal and one after you finish eating.

Beware of the multitude of lipstick use

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Frequent use of lipstick may increase the risk of heart attacks because of the presence of health-damaging chemical compounds that may increase these risks, a study suggests.

The Jordanian newspaper “Al-Rai” reported that the preliminary research was conducted on the experimental trials of a number of cosmetics, especially lipstick on their skin tissues, where there was a decline in the level of muscle mass among them, in addition to a slight disturbance in the function of the heart, Use them for lipstick for about three weeks continuously.

The data indicate that the harmful chemicals and compounds involved in the manufacture of lipstick to reduce the efficiency of 10% of the functions of the heart among its users.