How to save your money in a smart way

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1. Make the most possible of what you spend on luxury and entertainment. For example, almost all the books, movies and magazines you need are free online, so you do not have to buy everything you need.
2. Save on your car. When you buy an unused and very modern car, you will lose 25-40% of its value after a year or two, according to car experts. But if you buy a good two-year-old car, it means that the previous owner has paid you 40% of its value. It is also preferable not to buy a very old and decrepit car that requires a lot of repairs constantly.
3. Spending on food. Many of us spend a lot of money on the food they eat, although there are many ways to change part of our diet in a way that makes it healthier and less expensive.
4. Spending on expensive brands. Many industries are similar, and you may find the same product the same specifications and quality cheaper than others because it bears a different name. 
5. Save on energy expenditure. There are many ways to save household electricity and energy by acquiring devices that require less energy and the same quality and efficiency.
6. Save on personal expenses. Too much money is spent without notice, both on the mobile phone and the Internet, although you can reduce unnecessary calls or sign up with a cheaper service provider.
7. Get rid of the credit card because it makes you spend without realizing that you spent a lot, maybe because you do not get the money out of your pocket, but you come out with a card that does not feel the difference between spending $ 20 or $ 200.
8. Remember that you save money to collect for the future if you need it, not to spend it later on more expensive items.