The strangest food ingredients ever

We recently read a report about a Japanese restaurant offering customers meals containing ingredients that we thought were not suitable for human consumption. What is strange is that some of these foods are very tasty, so you may not imagine that behind this delicious taste such exotic materials.
We offer you a list of the strangest materials in the preparation of popular recipes. Sure, after you have finished reading our list, you will think again and again before you put anything in your mouth.
Ash volcanoes
In Japan there is a restaurant that uses volcanic ashes to prepare a meal consisting of plants brought from the Kanto region known as Bacoru Tsuchi. According to Seiko Toure, a representative of the Protoleaf dust factory, the bacteria found in volcanic ash are healthy, natural and pure. Some may think that the ash of the volcano is no different from the dust of shoes and tires, but the way this ash is produced, mixed and modified makes it different. What do you think of the little ash volcanoes on your favorite power?
Do you think chewing wood is a hobby confined to the beaver and eating only ants? So what do you think about eating slices of sesame-covered wood, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese?
Cellulose is not related to sugar or glucose, but it is very healthy. It removes grease from meat and promotes fiber. The use of cellulose as a food ingredient is common, as most international restaurant chains use it to prepare meals for their customers.
Tri-butyl hydroquinone
The use of chemicals is no longer confined to specific areas, it is now a food component. A substance such as tri-butyl hydroquinone, a petroleum derivative, is now a major ingredient in many foods, including cakes and salads, and even fried meats, such as chicken nuggets offered by fast food restaurants.
Zantane gum
It may be one of the most common and most commonly used food ingredients, especially in salads and cheeses. This article adds density and viscosity to liquids and earns a glowing force. It derives its name from the scientific name Xanthomonos capestris, a type of bacteria that grows in rotten vegetables, specifically in rotting parts.
You may not have heard of this before, since you do not usually enter prepared foods. As fast-food restaurants are not obliged to point out the contents of their meals, you will not know that the baked pies, bread and other pastries that you are interested in contain L-Christine. This material is used to make bread more soft and smooth when mixed and stapled in bread making machines, the main source of which is duck feathers, and human hair as well! There are poor women who sell their feelings, which are used to prepare the best kinds of bread!
There are types of chewing gum and chewing sweets containing lanolin. But will you continue to chew these desserts, even after you know that the lanolin in its composition is more rude than it might seem? This chemical product is extracted from the sheep’s wool, so most of the creams and lotions are painted with the image of a lamb. Would you dare eat another bite of your favorite sweets when you know that the more you chew, the more you get rid of the sheep’s sweat?
If you are an avid enthusiast, with cream or fruit or even without any additives, you may know that his name is derived from gelatin. But will you continue to eat these delicious sweets even after you know that gelatin is extracted from the bones of the cattle and their skins, although the link between these different kinds of sweets and between cows and sheep does not seem logical in any way?
Carmine Crimson
Wipe your saliva whenever your eyes fall on ice cream flavored with strawberries and grapes, and do not know that the cochineal that earns these ice cream red color is extracted from the beetles! Where the beetles are grinded and dried, and then placed on the fire to get out of that organic liquid red, which is in the preparation of sweets and ice cream flavoring strawberries, and is used in the manufacture of clothing and cosmetics!
Perhaps the question that came to mind is: What is the beaver’s relation with food ingredients? In fact, the beaver meat, or what is inside it, has nothing to do with this subject, it is all about what this animal produces !! Of course, you will not like the idea of ​​tasting this article, but you should know that it is used in the preparation of vanilla-flavored ice creams and other flavors.

The good smell

A recent study shows that good food smells can help prolong life while other odors contribute to shortening life.

Scientists have proven the validity of this theory at least for one of the insects used in practical experiments.

US scientists have detected a group of neurons in this insect that is responsible for the formation of certain receptors. Insects with good receptors have been shown to live longer and make them more able to cope with stress.

“The smells have clear effects on human health as well as their age,” said Scott Bleacher of the University of Houston on Wednesday.

It is scientifically proven that aromatherapy plays an important role in human life or even in the animal world. It is used as a means of searching for food and choosing a life partner as it serves as a warning to the dangers.

In Washington, a new study said eating Middle Eastern foods containing olive oil is beneficial to the heart because it blocks genes that cause inflammation in the body.

“The results of this study strongly link inflammation, obesity and diet, as well as evidence of the basic health benefits of human consumption of olive oil,” Francesco Perez Jimenez of the University of Córdoba in Spain told HealthDay News.

The study was published in the journal ‘Bayoumid Central’.

Perez Jimenez and his colleagues studied food rich in phenol compounds found in olive oil. They found that they were infecting the genes of 20 people with metabolic syndrome that exposed people to heart attack and type 2 diabetes.