The good smell

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A recent study shows that good food smells can help prolong life while other odors contribute to shortening life.

Scientists have proven the validity of this theory at least for one of the insects used in practical experiments.

US scientists have detected a group of neurons in this insect that is responsible for the formation of certain receptors. Insects with good receptors have been shown to live longer and make them more able to cope with stress.

“The smells have clear effects on human health as well as their age,” said Scott Bleacher of the University of Houston on Wednesday.

It is scientifically proven that aromatherapy plays an important role in human life or even in the animal world. It is used as a means of searching for food and choosing a life partner as it serves as a warning to the dangers.

In Washington, a new study said eating Middle Eastern foods containing olive oil is beneficial to the heart because it blocks genes that cause inflammation in the body.

“The results of this study strongly link inflammation, obesity and diet, as well as evidence of the basic health benefits of human consumption of olive oil,” Francesco Perez Jimenez of the University of Córdoba in Spain told HealthDay News.

The study was published in the journal ‘Bayoumid Central’.

Perez Jimenez and his colleagues studied food rich in phenol compounds found in olive oil. They found that they were infecting the genes of 20 people with metabolic syndrome that exposed people to heart attack and type 2 diabetes.